New ScienceLogic CTO Focused on Cloud Automation, Management

New ScienceLogic CTO Focused on Cloud Automation, Management

ScienceLogic, which develops cloud management solutions, has named Antonio Piraino chief technology officer (CTO). Piraino spent the last four years as VP of Tier 1 Research, where he watched ScienceLogic from afar. Piraino identified several reasons why he jumped to ScienceLogic when we spoke Oct. 4. Here's a recap.

"My mild interest four years ago turned into big interest today," said Piraino during his second full day as ScienceLogic CTO. Piraino said he had no doubt that he wanted to enter the cloud space. The only question: which company would he join? "I explored other options in the cloud. You come across a lot of great companies as an analyst," he said.

Piraino actually turned down what he called a "very big MSP with a strong name in cloud as well," before landing at ScienceLogic. The determining factor in his decision? "ScienceLogic suits me from a cultural perspective," he said. Piraino was attracted to ScienceLogic being a smaller company compared to others in the cloud space. To him, that translates to more innovation and flexibility within the company. "I wanted to go somewhere on the cutting edge," he continued. "MSPs are supplying innovation. I want to develop that innovation."

Piraino declined to disclose ScienceLogic's roadmap. But I found some clues elsewhere. When I spoke with ScienceLogic CEO Dave Link and Senior VP of Marketing Steve Harriman in July, 2011, both said virtualization and cloud computing were atop the ScienceLogic agenda.

Furthermore, Link said at the time, "automation is a huge play for us [ScienceLogic] going forward in the service provider marketplace." Piraino shares the same mindset. During our discussion, he identified orchestration, management and automation as the three main upcoming developments in the cloud market. "If you don't start to automate your work-flow, you start to get into a huge mess," he said. Piraino said to check back in a month or two when he can go into more detail. We will.


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