NEVEX: Application Performance Problem Solver?

NEVEX: Application Performance Problem Solver?

NEVEX Company LogoNEVEX Virtual Technologies, an application performance start-up, has launched CacheWorks. NEVEX is hardly the first company to offer a "groundbreaking" solution to application performance issues. So what potentially makes the company's solution stand out? I caught with NEVEX VP of Business Development Nigel Miller and Product Manager Andrew Flint to find out.

Flint and Miller asserted that traditional application performance solutions like application tuning, adding more disk space and memory, and upgrading servers often don't solve the job because they are risky, costly and complex. NEVEX is offering a targeted storage performance software solution for high value applications so that companies can better utilize their existing infrastructure.

Shortly after hitting the market, NEVEX quickly announced The NEVEX  Partner Program for VARs that specialize in virtualization, database optimization, enterprise apps, storage and server infrastructure. The company is offering "special pricing and generous incentives" through its Early Adopter Program from now until the end of Q4.  Here's a list of the benefits VARs will receive through the NEVEX Partner Program.

  • Direct sales assistance to fit with your specific business model
  • Technical Support
  • Access to the NEVEX Partner Portal through which VARs can view NEVEX's latest sales collateral, white papers, solution presentations and reference materials
We'll track how the NEVEX application performance solution fairs in the market as the company matures, especially in comparison to more established players like BMC Software. If you recall, BMC recently updated its application performance management solution for mobile and desktop users.
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