Network Monitoring on the Rise: Paessler Releases 2011 Growth Figures

Plenty of good news coming from Paessler, as the company released its 2011 sales report that shows significant growth in channel sales, North American business and overall company size. Here are the details, courtesy of the network monitoring solutions provider itself.

The first stat that stands out is that Paessler doubled its sales figures in the United States alone in 2011, compared to 2010. On a broader level, Paessler put an emphasis on growing its channel in 2011. Remember, Paessler hired Bill Brown as its North American Channel Chief in April, 2011 to help extend its monitoring software to smartphones and tablets running on Google Android. The result? Paessler's channel partners now account for a respectable 35 percent of the network solution provider's worldwide sales.

Overall, Paessler's total company sales grew by 78 percent year-over-year (YoY) from fiscal year (FY) 2010 to FY 2011. And the company's 2011 growth went beyond its sales numbers. Paessler grew its worldwide workforce by 43 percent in 2011 alone.

The company attributes is 2011 growthg to three different factors.

  1. It relied more heavily on channel sales and, as a result, grew its channel partner base. That means the company's network monitoring software has a broader international reach than it did in 2011.
  2.  Paessler credits its "loyal customer base" that remains as the foundation of its business even as Paessler pursues a broader range of SMB and enterprise business customers.
  3. Paessler focused on IT network performance and corporate uptime.
Paessler focused on more than business customer acquisition in 2011. It had a range of product announcements and developments as well, including two PRTG releases and a new mobile network monitoring application for Apple iOS.
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