Network Instruments' OI 3.0 Monitors Virtual Apps in Cloud

Network Instruments' OI 3.0 Monitors Virtual Apps in Cloud

Network Instruments LogoNetwork Instruments, which specializes in network troubleshooting and analysis solutions, has added native cloud infrastructure monitoring to its Observer Infrastructure 3.0 network monitoring solution.

The biggest change in OI 3.0 is that users can now monitor their network devices, servers and applications within their cloud environments. Customers can also monitor how their virtual machines (VMs) are running without having to use agents. OI 3.0 lets users monitor their VMs through APIs and push that to software platform like Rackspace's Cloudkick or Amazon's CloudWatch for Amazon Web Services (AWS). Here's a list of other capabilities OI already provides:

  • Device health monitoring
  • IP SLA active testing
  • NBAR and WAAS data collection
  • Server monitoring
  • Event notification
  • Automatic mapping and topology discovery
"If I'm an IT person, I need to understand things like CPU utilization, how are my VMs running," Network Instruments Senior Product Manager Brad Reinboldt explained. "But you're depending on someone else's infrastructure, say AWS, to deliver that functionality."

Network Instruments OI 3.0 eliminates that dependence, according to the company. OI 3.0 also embraces Vblock, the converged infrastructure from VMware, Cisco and EMC. Finally, OI 3.0 supports applications, database servers, web servers and network and storage devices like the IBM Websphere Application Server and the Microsoft Lync Server.
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