NetSuite OpenAir and CommitCRM Make PSA Pitches

The PSA (professional services automation) software market is getting increasingly crowded. Among the latest moves: NetSuite is finally pitching OpenAir -- a SaaS-based PSA platform -- more aggressively to channel partners. Plus, Commit Business Solutions is making new PSA moves to engage MSPs, IT service providers and computer repair professionals.

I'm not suggesting that all PSA software companies compete head-on in all markets. Nor is PSA just for MSPs. Generally speaking, Autotask, ConnectWise and Tigerpaw Software are the three best-known PSA brands within the MSP community. But a growing number of software companies want VARs, MSPs and resellers to standardize on their PSA offerings.

NetSuite's OpenAir Move

During last week's Xchange conference in Denver, NetSuite finally promoted its SRP (service resourcing planning) and OpenAir PSA software to channel partners. According to NetSuite:
"NetSuite SRP provides the flexibility and ease of use for services organizations of every size. Growing services businesses benefit from an all-in-one solution from NetSuite, while mid-size companies and enterprises can choose enterprise-proven professional services automation (PSA) technology from OpenAir (a NetSuite company) which works seamlessly either with NetSuite or their existing back-office systems."
Translation: I don't believe NetSuite OpenAir intends to compete head-on in the SMB market. In a prepared announcement, NetSuite mentioned three OpenAir adopters -- including Rose Financial Services, Sixred, and the Scope Group. None of those three companies fits the classic MSP description, though they are consulting firms and service providers.

NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson further described the OpenAir strategy in this FastChat Video from May 2011:


Meanwhile, Commit Business Solutions of Tel Aviv, Israel is making multiple moves.

First, the company has launched CommitCRM 5.6, which is designed to give small IT business owners PSA capabilities, the company claims. It includes new integrations with RMM (remote monitoring and management) service tickets, quoting and proposal software and Intuit QuickBooks. Next up, I'd watch for Commit to announce recent integration partners... really, really soon.

Still, questions remain:
  • Will Commit Business Solutions launched a targeted channel effort and community building effort in North America?
  • Is CommitCRM available in the cloud or only on-premise?
Updated, Aug. 16, 8:07 a.m. eastern: CommitCRM this morning announced integration with QuoteWerks, the sales proposal tool. Also, Commit Marketing and Sales Leader Aviva Fink offered an update on Commit's North America and cloud efforts, stating that the majority of CommitCRM's user base is on-premises in the U.S. The company does not offer CommitCRM in the cloud, though some customers have deployed CommitCRM on cloud-based Windows server. Commit, Fink added, plans to revisit cloud-based options in the future.
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