Net Optics Phantom HD Optimizes Branch Office Networks

Net Optics Phantom HD Optimizes Branch Office Networks

During VMworld 2011 this week, watch for Net Optics to launch Phantom HD. Net Optics Director of Virtualization and Cloud Solutions Ran Nahmias claims Phantom HD is "a game-changing solution for virtual environments." Phantom HD is designed to help branch offices lower their IT costs and increase security of their virtualized networks. With that remote design in mind, perhaps there are some opportunities here for managed services providers.

Phantom HD essentially optimizes how businesses leverage their bandwidth. "What happens today is our customers keep VPN tunnels to transfer data from remote locations to a central location. Then they do a filtering," Nahmias explained. "But they don't want to do that. That's a lot of wasted bandwidth and its expensive." Nahmias said that the Phantom HD is made for "global companies, service providers and managed OEM service providers that want to provide services remotely."

Phantom HD also allows users to capture their traffic of interest. For instance, a networking monitoring customer can program Phantom HD to only capture traffic for monitoring purposes and filter out the rest, then send that traffic of interest to the appropriate location. "The combination of two Phantom HDs allows you to transfer traffic wherever you want within an infrastructure," Nahmias said.

Pricing for the Phantom HD starts at $15,000 for a full duplex deployment.

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