NaviSite, Comport Consulting Partner to Expand Cloud Services

NaviSite, Comport Consulting Partner to Expand Cloud Services

NaviSite, the cloud service provider that promotes managed applications, is partnering with Comport Consulting Corp., a data management and infrastructure solutions developer for commercial enterprises and healthcare providers. The goal of the partnership is to help Comport expand its cloud offerings and on-premise services.

Through the partnership with Navisite, Comport will begin offering three separate cloud services: Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), managed application services and managed messaging services. All three of Comport's managed services will be supported by the NaviCloud computing platform that combines cloud infrastructure solutions from Hewlett-Packard (HP) and VMware. Here's a little more info on Comport Consulting's three cloud-based managed services offerings.

1. IaaS on NaviCloud: Business customers can purchase memory, processors, storage and network space on the NaviCloud via a pay-per-use model. The goal here is to help Comport's enterprise and healthcare provider customers reduce upfront expenses by allowing them to purchase only what they know they're going to use and not space or resources they don't need. These businesses will also be able to save on operating costs, as the NaviSite-Comport partnership eliminates the need for these customers to build their own datacenters.

2. Managed Messaging Services: Comport customers can now leverage a messaging services that is fully hosted and managed by the two companies, who will support enterprise email and collaboration infrastructure, including Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SharePoint. That means IT staffs will have more time to focus on what Comport calls "critical solutions for enterprise end-users."

3. Managed Application Services: Finally, NaviSite and Comport will now provide end-to-end technical support for all cloud-based applications. That includes on-boarding, application development and application lifecycle management (ALM). This service is aimed at two goals: again, cutting cost, and also reducing risk, as all applications will be delivered under the same compliance standard that includes third-party audits, various security standards and customer transparency, among others.

For NaviSite, the partnership with Comport Consulting builds on its cloud channel partner initiative.

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