N-able Teams with Hartco to Engage Canadian MSPs

N-able Technolgies, the remote monitoring and management (RMM) software provider, has partnered with Hartco Distribution in order to expand its reach further into Canada. N-able's plan is to target what N-able VP of Sales Mike Cullen [picture] referred to as "untapped opportunities for MSPs" in the Canadian market. Here's more on the plan, as well as how Hartco fits in.

First off, Hartco Distribution is branch of Hartco Inc., a three-decade old Canadian IT services provider that will give N-able a trusted name to attach to when pursuing Canadian MSP customers. Hartco has more than 50 established, physical locations throughout Canada and serves a range of businesses, from SMBs to enterprise. So by partnering with Hartco, N-able will be able to expand the use of its RMM software throughout different-sized business markets in Canada.

As part of the partnership, N-able will have direct access to Hartco's entire network of IT solution providers. The real beneficiaries of the N-able - Hartco partnership will be Hartco affiliates who will now be able to leverage all of N-able's RMM solutions, including the N-central RMM platform.

N-able has big plans for the Canadian market, which N-able will heavily focus on in 2012. And even though Hartco's reach gives N-able the opportunity to target larger companies, N-able will hone in on MSPs serving the SMB market. Cullen claims that the majority of the 1 million-plus SMBs in Canada are not managing their networks with an RMM platform. Translation? N-able wants to be the go-to RMM provider for SMBs throughout Canada, and it wants to develop relationships with Canadian managed service providers looking to provide an RMM software solution to its SMB customers.

One big benefit that N-able can now market to SMBs and MSPs in Canada? A new cloud-based help desk solution courtesy of its recent partnership with NTRglobal. N-able will also give Business e-Traning Essentials, Technical e-Training Essentials, Instructor-Led Product Training, Professional Services and other benefits to Canadian MSPs who buy an N-central license in order to help them better understand how to market and sell the RMM solution.

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