N-able, NetEnrich Managed Services Partnership: A Closer Look

At first glance, N-able Technologies and NetEnrich are partnering to offer managed services providers (MSPs) a "complete IT operations solution" that pushes beyond basic NOC (network operations center) and RMM (remote monitoring and management) solutions. But take a closer look at the relationship, and you'll find some opportune timing as well as a mutual relationship with the Ingram Micro Cloud team.

The growing relationship between N-able and NetEnrich surfaces as rival Zenith RMM strives to navigate the recent spin-off from Zenith Infotech. NetEnrich competes on some fronts with Zenith RMM's NOC services, while N-able competes in some areas with Zenith RMM's monitoring software. Adding to the intrigue, both N-able and NetEnrich continue to work closely with Ingram Micro Cloud, which promotes a range of managed services and cloud services solutions to VARs and MSPs.

Remaining On Message

To their mutual credit, neither N-able nor NetEnrich are taking big public shots at Zenith RMM, which is attempting to distance itself from former parent Zenith Infotech's recent bond default, which has prompted some MSPs to rethink their cloud partner strategies.
  • During a phone briefing last week, NetEnrich CEO Raju Chekuri preferred to steer our conversation to the continued evolution of MSPs, rather than any mud slinging with perceived or actual rivals.
  • Similarly, N-able at last week's IT Nation conference focused on its 100 percent coverage strategy rather than competitive bickering.
Together, N-able and NetEnrich are promoting a "get more" strategy, through which MSPs can learn how to automate their basic business tasks to focus on higher-margin services. Overall, the managed services market sounds healthy -- with top IT service providers forecasting 20 percent or more revenue growth this year, according to HTG Peer Groups. Moreover, top MSPs continue to charge $100 to $150 per user per month for all-in managed services, notes TruMethods, a coaching and executive leadership organization for MSPs.

Still, thousands of VARs and MSPs continue to struggling with their business automation, pricing and sales strategies. N-able and NetEnrich are partnering up in a bid to help those IT service providers march forward.

Additional reporting by Nicholas Mukhar.
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