N-able Delivers Runbook to Help MSPs Automate Tasks

N-able Delivers Runbook to Help MSPs Automate Tasks

N-able Technologies LogoN-able Technologies,  the remote monitoring and management (RMM) software provider for managed service providers (MSPs), has developed the N-able Technician Runbook to help technicians automate their daily tasks. N-able actually previewed the Runbook at the N-able Partner Summit back in October. The company says that automation will ultimately lead to increased productivity and profitability MSPs.

N-able is adding the Runbook to its sales, marketing, business and technology best practices documents that make up the N-able Technologies Sales and Marketing Digital Binder in order to help its MSP partners achieve 100 percent managed services growth in 2012.

N-able Technologies Product Manager Ryan Vallee gave several reasons why N-able clients need the Technician Runbook, most important of which is that many MSPs have not outlined a detailed, step-by-step process that their technicians must use to handle customer service and/or technical issues. That, according to Vallee, makes MSPs vulnerable when technicians leave a company, as their expertise and experience is gone and there is no blueprint for the next technician to follow.

The N-able Technician Runbook was created to solve this problem. It carries over 130 step-by-step procedures, broken down into four categories for technicians -- Assessments, On-Boarding, Optimization and Reporting. And in 2012, N-able plans to integrate the Technician Runbook into the N-able Automation Manager Tool so that technicians can choose items from the Runbook and automate those items through N-central. Ultimately, N-able hopes its Technician Runbook will act as a blueprint for repeatable and scalable IT processes that will "allow them [MSP's] to extend into new solutions...and support more growth and more revenue," according to N-able Technologies President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) JP Jauvin.

MSP technicians can now access the N-able Technician Runbook through the N-central dashboard.

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