MSPs Can Ease Visa Burdens of SMBs

It’s no secret that the federal government is cracking down on immigration and more forcefully policing the documentation of foreign workers in the US. A recent New York Times article outlines how the federal agency known as Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is stepping up its audits of workplaces across the US to ensure all workers are properly documented and are allowed to live and work in this country.

While the popular image of an immigrant worker is that of a low-skilled laborer, the fact remains that foreign workers are commonly employed by high tech firms, and that “offshoring” technology jobs to overseas IT service providers often involves bringing foreign workers onsite in the US.

SMB high tech firms are just as likely to rely on foreign workers, whether permanent or temporary, as their larger competitors. However, they are less likely to have the internal resources to replace foreign workers who may no longer be available to come to the US, or to conduct proper documentation checks. These gaps are perfect entry points for SMBs to come in and lend a helping hand.

Following are a few key areas where domestic MSPs can help ease visa-related problems for SMB high tech firms.

Expertise in a Box

SMB high tech firms often turn to employees from outside the US because of a shortage of domestic workers with the technological expertise they need. Domestic MSPs can deliver this expertise as needed, while eliminating all the hassles related to clearing a foreign employee to work in the US. Even compared to hiring a US citizen, MSPs still offer many advantages in terms of eliminating the recruitment, hiring and training process, and can also be more cost-effective than paying someone salary and benefits.

Managed Services without the Hassle

A US-based MSP with expertise in serving SMB clients can provide an attractive alternative to a foreign managed services provider for several reasons. In addition to eliminating any visa-related difficulties in getting experts to the client’s site if needed, domestic MSPs also eliminate potential troubles related to currency fluctuations, language/cultural barriers, time zone issues, political instability, etc.

Cutting through the Red Tape

Even those high tech SMBs who still seek to bring foreign workers into the US can obtain help from MSPs in navigating the complex maze of regulations and requirements they must get through before clearing an immigrant for working here. In addition to saving SMBs the time and effort it takes to ensure a foreign worker is properly documented and approved, MSPs can also help them avoid potential fines associated with employing undocumented workers, as well as having to scramble to replace an improperly documented worker who suddenly has to leave.

The crackdown on foreign workers does not lessen the need for their expertise that the US high tech industry has come to rely upon. Whether they help replace that expertise or get it in place, MSPs can provide a crucial service for SMB high tech firms.
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