MSPmentor 250 Unveiled: Top Managed Services Provider Experts

The fifth-annual MSPmentor 250 list is rolling out now. First up is something new called Locked in the NOC -- our list of experts who essentially built this industry and have made a major, deep impact that shaped the MSP landscape. Locked in the NOC honorees are the people who you'd lock in your network operations center -- to constantly pick their brains about sales, marketing, technology, business development and more. Here's some more info about how we're rolling out the MSPmentor 250 this year.

Q:  What is the MSPmentor 250?
A:  Our Fifth-annual list of the world's top managed services experts, executives, entrepreneurs, community leaders, etc.

Q: Where can I find the MSPmentor 250?
A:  Right here:

Q: When will the MSPmentor 250 be published?

Here's the roll-out schedule:

  • Friday, Aug 31: Locked in the NOC — the definitive list of people who shaped the MSPmentor list. A hall of fame of sorts... though we prefer industry jargon: These folks are locked in our NOC. Forever.
  • Tuesday, Sept. 4 through Friday, Sept. 7: The complete MSPmentor 250 list, 60+ executives per day.
Q: How can I promote my MSPmentor 250 honor?
A: A press release and logo for honorees will be available Sept. 4 at

Q: I am on the MSPmentor 250 list but I'd like my profile changed because (A) it's missing some information or (B) there's a factual error.
  • Factual Corrections: MSPmentor will certainly make factual corrections.
  • Additional Information Submissions: Missing information (bios, photos, web links) will not be updated. That information was submitted and finalized as part of the survey process.
Q: I was nominated for this year's list but didn't make it. How come?
A: It's difficult to offer a specific answer for a specific nominee. But some general reasons nominees don't show up on the final list include:
  • Worldwide competition from nominees everywhere;
  • A limit of one honoree per company;
  • Lack of metrics to consider (examples: no information/stats about sales growth, profit growth figures) in the nominee submission; or
  • More substantial metrics found in other nominee submissions.
Q: What's the difference between the MSPmentor 250 and the MSPmentor 100?"
A: The MSPmentor 250 honors individuals; the  MSPmentor 100 honors the top MSP businesses.

Q: I forgot to submit nomination(s) for this year's list. How can I submit nominations for next year's list?
A: Watch for a survey link May-July 2013, with results shortly thereafter. The survey ink will be at

Thanks to those who submitted nominees this year. We appreciate your time and focus on the process.
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