MSPmentor 250: Chris Andreozzi's Vision for the Future of MSPs

MSPmentor 250: Chris Andreozzi's Vision for the Future of MSPs

KnowledgeCentrix President Chris Andreozzi, an MSPmentor 250 member, was working for a Fortune 10 organization in Southern California  when he noticed the company outsourced everything they weren't good at. All of that business was going somewhere, and he wanted a piece of that outsourcing pie. His vision? To create an all-in-one instant IT department for small-to-medium sized companies.

Andreozzi's vision came fruition in 2002 when he founded KnowledgeCentrix. Nearly a decade later, KnowledgeCentrix is recognized by the Inc. 5000 as one of the fastest-growing privately held companies in the United States, and Andreozzi is a member of the 2011 MSPmentor 250, which tracks the top executives, entrepreneurs and experts in the managed services industry.

"What we were calling IT outsourcing at that time has evolved into what we call managed services today, and now it's really being shaped by cloud computing," Andreozzi said. "The industry is evolving into a utility model. People want to know how they can buy IT on a price-per-user model so that they can scale up and scale down as their needs change. In the long term, the successful companies will be the ones that address those demands through developing their own own cloud solutions or through partnerships."

KnowledgeCentrix does both. Two of its most important technology partners, according to Andreozzi, are Microsoft and Citrix, with "Dell running at a hot third." KnowledgeCentrix also has a longstanding partnership with Ingram Micro, as Andreozzi is on the Ingram Micro Service Advisory Council. On the solutions side, KnowledgeCentrix has is own private cloud offering. The company advises clients on the best strategies to implement the cloud, or help them leverage the KnowledgeCentrix private cloud.

"Consulting has always been a part of KnowledgeCentrix," Andreozzi said. "We've never just sold a product. Our role is help people navigate technology.  We are still a provider. I think we are doing a little bit more consulting, but there is still a high demand for our services. People are moving to the cloud, but I wouldn't say people are running to the cloud."

Andreozzi fully intends to expand KnowledgeCentrix's regional coverage and service offerings. The company recently expanded into San Diego, Calif, where Andreozzi said the company "is going to make a really hard push." KnowledgeCentrix is also working new service offerings that it will reveal once they are closer to being released.

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