MSPmentor 100 Profile: Fifosys Limited

Should managed services providers (MSPs) work primarily with the CFOs, CEOs, or IT directors of medium-sized businesses? Fifosys Limited Managing Director Mitesh Patel (pictured) believes that MSPs should target IT directors. This change in strategy, Patel says, will lead to larger hosting and managed services contracts.

Fifosys, a London-based company on the MSPmentor 100 list, has changed its strategy within the last year by targeting IT directors of mid-sized businesses, instead of the more traditional target of CFOs or CEOs. "We have found that in the mid market, the IT director is our friend," says Patel, "and we need to support these guys in developing the overall IT strategy." This shift in philosophy has lead to larger hosting and managed services contracts for Fifosys, as well as an increase in closing times for deals.

In addition to a revision in outreach strategy, Fifosys has also adjusted to the current job market. (A job market that doesn't look so bright, according to a recent report by Janco Associates Inc. -- a management consulting firm that focuses on management information systems). "We have also had to develop our own technical skills for our people internally," says Patel, responding to the lack of core skills available in the market.

What's in store for Fifosys Limited in 2013?
Fifosys will be offering mobile device management (MDM) in the new year as a built-in solution, as well as focusing in on infrastructure as a service (IaaS). The company also plans to focus on the following priorities:

  • Move more clients into the company's cloud solution
  • Add applications to the cloud offering
  • Make the clients' IT environment more agile
  • Focus on developing management information with clients through the company's consultancy services
Fifosys Limited employs 45 people and targets UK-based businesses that have multiple offices inside and outside the UK. The company typically targets customers with 100 seats.

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