Mosso Launches Managed Storage at 15 Cents Per Gigabyte

Two Rackspace veterans are launching a cloud-based storage service that could give's Simple Storage Service (S3) a run for its money. The new service, known as Mosso CloudFS, is in private beta and may be of interest to managed service providers (MSPs) that are formulating storage stategies. Here are some quick details.

More than a file storage system, Mosso's CloudFS service will support multiple APIs and languages, including .NET, Java, PHP, Ruby and Python, the company says. The goal is to ensure users can "easily store data and run applications in a business-class, standards-based environment," according to a Mosso press release.

The Good and the Bad

Mosso is the latest example of low-cost storage moving into the cloud -- a trend that could empower more managed service providers (MSPs) to embrace and extend third-party storage services.

But on the other hand, MSPs that offer proprietary or self-built storage services could have trouble competing on price over the long haul. Mosso, for instance, plans to charge 15 cents per gigabyte (per month, I assume).

If you'd like to potentially participate in the Moso CloudFS beta, you can inquire here. I first read about the beta on GigaOm.
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