MokaFive Promotes Desktops as a Service

MokaFive Promotes Desktops as a Service

MokaFiveMost managed service providers have heard of hardware as a service (HaaS). Now, here comes "desktops as a service." The term popped up during a chat I had earlier this week with MokaFive President and CEO Bill Demas.

Many tech media sites describe MokaFive as a desktop virtualization company. But MokaFive's ability to meld desktop computing with software as a service has some potential implications for MSPs. Here's a bit more about the company's strategy, and desktop as a service vision.

According to SOA World Magazine, MokaFive's LivePC technology allows...

"users to pause and resume their computing state on different PCs by carrying a USB flash drive. LivePCs are virtual machines running directly on users' desktops—there is no need for a data center. They can be run online or offline, boot quickly on a PC, fit on a USB flash drive and update automatically over a network or the Internet. LivePCs are managed centrally and can be executed locally on any compatible x86 machine, giving users the flexibility and performance of a PC."
Why should MSPs care? Reread that previous paragraph closely. LivePCs are centrally managed. Managed service providers, in theory, can maintain tight control over the virtualized systems.

If you specialize in disaster recovery or contingency planning services, MokaFive may be an interesting play for you. During a crisis you can, in theory, easily restore LivePC users on any compatible x86 PC. (Here's a MokaFive video demo.)

If you're moving down the path to "desktops as a service," please weigh in. MokaFive's technology is only one potential road you can pursue. MSPmentor is wondering how else you may address the market.
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