MobileIron: Apple iOS 5 Meets Mobile Device Management (MDM)

MobileIron: Apple iOS 5 Meets Mobile Device Management (MDM)

MobileIron Company LogoMobileIron, the mobile device management (MDM) software provider, plans to support Apple iOS 5 beginning Oct. 12. Apple iOS 5 was officially released on Oct. 4. Now, we're watching to see how many mobile device management specialists jump on the Apple iOS 5 bandwagon.

Apple says the iOS 5 carries over 200 new features for the iPad, iPhone and iTouch. MSPmentor is curious to see how those new iOS 5 features impact mobile device management. Meanwhile, MobileIron promotes a Virtual Smartphone Platform and the MobileIron Connected Cloud. The offerings allow IT administrators and MSPs to maintain mobile content, activity, and apps on mobile devices, MobileIron claims.

No doubt, plenty mobile device management companies will support Applie iOS 5. AirWatch Chairman Alan Dabbiere mentioned "exciting new features" coming  with the release of the Apple iOS 5 mobile operating system during our conversation in early October. You can also expect MDM firms like Zenprise, SOTI and Sybase to quickly announce Apple iOS 5 support. All of the above made Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Mobile Device Software 2011.


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