Memo From Intel to MSPs: BYOD Is Unavoidable, Don't Ignore It

Memo From Intel to MSPs: BYOD Is Unavoidable, Don't Ignore It

The BYOD (bring your own device) debate is over. MSPs have no choice but to support BYOD or they will be hopelessly left behind, according to Dan Russell, director of marketing for Intel's the Business Client Computing Division. "Winners are created during transitions," said Russell. "Those who change with this transition will be the winners."

Addressing the Kaseya Connect user conference in Las Vegas, Russell also said:

  • Almost 50 percent of U.S. small businesses will spend $6.8 billion on remote managed services, according to AMI, note Russell.
  • So why Intel? "We really don't think of ourselves as a chip company. We're on a 20-year transition to becoming a services, software and hardware company. It takes time."
  • 25 percent of Intel employees are software employees. "Even before McAfee, we were at 20 percent in terms of our employees focused on software."
  • Russell mentioned Intel vPro as a prime opportunity for MSPs. "We launched it in 2006; we're still around and that's good news. The value proposition is still there. I think vPro is finally ready to hit the big time."
  • Intel is announcing vPro 2.0 -- not necessarily the official name -- with deeper security within a couple of weeks.
  • The Windows 8-UltraBook pitch toward the end of the presentation caught my attention. No big surprises, but a reminder that UltraBooks will benefit when Windows 8 arrives.
Overall, Intel is striving to help MSPs managed complexity and lower costs, Russell told attendees.

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