MegaPath Upgrades Cloud-Based Managed Security Services

MegaPath Upgrades Cloud-Based Managed Security Services

MegaPath LogoThe last time we heard from MegaPath, a managed data, security and voice service provider, the company had just inked a partnership with, a small business directory service site. That was July 2011. Now, MegaPath has revealed several upgrades to its suite of cloud-based managed security services.

First, a little background. MegaPath's Managed Security Services solution is designed to deliver steady, clean data to its business customers through constant updating, scanning and reporting. The company prides itself in catching network threats before they actually reach a customer's network so that the customer can save bandwidth and always have a secure network that is readily available. The security solution also churns out stats on the most common and malicious viruses that are threatening individual networks. The statistical reports are based on firewall logs, IPS alerts and most denied web address destinations as identified based content filtering options that users set.

So what's new for MegaPath's SMB and enterprise customers? The company says it can now identify a larger number of threats and eliminate them before they reach a customer's network. MegaPath's updates to its network security solution were spurred by its own study, which found that 63 percent of businesses today are trusting outside security providers to handle internal and external threats to their networks.

Translation? There's a huge market, and more importantly a growing market, for what MegaPath is offering in its network security solution.

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