McAfee and Xerox: Managed Security Meets Managed Print Services

McAfee and Xerox: Managed Security Meets Managed Print Services

McAfee and Xerox (NYSE: XRX) are converging the worlds of managed security services and managed print services. During the McAfee FOCUS 12 security conference in Las Vegas today, Xerox's Rick Daston (pictured, r.) and McAfee's Tom Moore (l.) discussed embedded control software for multifunction printers. Is this the birth of managed print security services?

Perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself: Most MSPs still don't know how to sell traditional managed print services. Indeed, roughly 30 percent of MSPs offer managed print, according to last year's MSPmentor 100 survey results. So "securing" those customer printers is likely a low priority -- especially since most customers don't realize their printers are security risks.

McAfee and Xerox are pointing out the threat -- and a potential solution. The two companies claim 50 percent of information that flows across Xerox printers involves confidential content. In response:

"The Xerox and McAfee security solution simplifies processes for IT administrators with software embedded into a multifunction device’s controller (the machine’s main onboard computer) to provide an immediate alert and audit trail to track and investigate the time and origin of security threats – and take appropriate action. This eliminates the need for IT administrators to constantly stay on top of malware threats and proactively block them."
Xerox devices protected and managed by McAfee Embedded Control and McAfee Embedded Management software will arrive in 2013. They will surface in the Xerox WorkCentre and ColorQube product lines.

Stay tuned: The press conference continues and I might be back with some more MSP angles, including questions and answers involving the Xerox PagePack and Xerox eConcierge services for MSPs.
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