Mark Hurd: Oracle Accelerates Managed Services Push

Mark Hurd: Oracle Accelerates Managed Services Push

Oracle President Mark Hurd says Oracle is preparing to accelerate and promote its managed services expertise. More details will likely surface at OpenWorld , where roughly 50,000 Oracle partners and customers are set to gather next week (Oct. 2-6, San Francisco). So where is Oracle heading with managed services? And how can MSPs potentially cash in with managed database services? Here are some clues.

During a phone conversation with me and several other bloggers yesterday, Hurd mentioned Oracle's continued push into into vertically-designed server stacks -- built atop Sun SPARC, Solaris or Oracle Linux, Oracle's database, middleware and applications. Hurd said the solutions will be pre-provisioned solutions. It's a safe bet the offerings will involve Oracle's Exadata and Exalogic servers.

Once deployed on-premise at a customer site, Oracle plans to offer remote managed services into those systems. Hurd didn't mention how Oracle will potentially engage channel partners with the managed services. But I will be sure to ask Oracle Channel Chief Judson Althoff when we meet at Oracle OpenWorld.

In the meantime, a side note: MSPs can absolutely cash in on managed database services. Keep an eye on Ntirety, a long-time managed services provider that focuses on remote DBA services.

I'll share more perspectives from Oracle OpenWorld.

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