ManageEngine Moves Toward Integrated IT Operations

ManageEngine Moves Toward Integrated IT Operations

ManageEngine Company LogoManageEngine, the managed services software provider: has integrated two of its signature products: Desktop Central and ServiceDesk Plus. The integrated desktop management and service desk offerings signals the company's continued move toward a fully integrated IT operations offering for MSPs.

The integrated offering supports:

  • Single sign-on – Removes the hassle of logging into multiple tools and applications for incident management and request fulfillment.
  • Increased productivity – Taking action on the desktop management tasks is just a click away, which saves the time spent on resolving the problem, ManageEngine claims.
  • Enhanced auditing capabilities – It is easier for enterprises to audit the tasks performed from a single solution than to collate information from multiple tools, ManageEngine asserts.
  • Achieve 360-degree ITIL process implementation – ITIL process is not complete without service operations. Integrating desktop management capability into the help desk enables enterprises to complete their ITIL process cycle from a single solution.
ManageEngine is out to solve a very specific efficiency problem by integrating Desktop Central and ServiceDesk Plus. Large and medium MSPs regularly use some sort of help desk software to track customer requests related to desktop management. The problem? Many current solutions require those teams to use two tools: one to receive and manage the traffic of incidents being reported, and another to actually fulfill the different requests. To eliminate that challenge, the Desktop Central-ServiceDesk Plus integration will allow MSPs to both track incoming requests and fulfill those requests by using a single tool, in a single window.

ManageEngine has made it clear that this is only the first step toward a fully-integrated IT operations solution. No sign yet as to which solutions will be integrated next, but we'll keep tabs on the company's next moves.

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