Managed Services Meet Ubuntu Linux?

Managed Services Meet Ubuntu Linux?

Ubuntu LaptopsA new tool for remotely managing Linux desktops and servers will debut on March 5. At first glance, the tool is for enterprise administrators who want to remotely manage and troubleshoot PCs and servers running Ubuntu Linux. But if you take a closer look, you can imagine the tool -- dubbed Landscape -- evolving into a potential managed services platform for businesses that embrace open source.

First, a little background. If you're new to the Linux desktop market, here are three key pieces of info worth noting for this blog entry.

  • Managed service platform providers like Kaseya are adding remote Linux administration to their product lineups.
  • Ubuntu is the fastest-growing distribution of Linux. I run it daily on a home PC, Dell pre-loads it on some systems, and Ubuntu is gaining some momentum on servers.
  • Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, is developing a system management package called Landscape. It's set to debut tomorrow (March 5).
According to a press release, Canonical is positioning Ubuntu as a tool to "manage many machines at once: All operations in Landscape can be applied to one or more machines with the same ease." A Web interface allows a network administrator to browse PCs, determining their current configurations and identifying new Ubuntu fixes or enhancements that need to be deployed.

Again, Landscape is positioned as an administration platform that should help businesses to more easily manage Ubuntu systems.

But to me, Landscape sounds like a stepping stone or a potential springboard into the managed services market -- if Canonical wants to move in that direction.

For more on the evolution of Ubuntu Linux, check our MSPmentor's sister site:
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