Managed Services Meet Medical Devices

At first glance, most VARs use managed services to remotely administer PCs, notebooks, servers, routers--traditional network infrastructure. But take a closer look and you'll discover that there are opportunities to manage other types of IP devices--including medical equipment, facilities (heat, electric, air conditioning), etc. A great example of this comes from Germany, where a major medical equipment provider uses ComBrio's managed services platform. Here's how.

Heyer Medical of Bad Ems, Germany, specializes in ventilation, anesthesia and inhalation equipment. But much like traditional IT infrastructure, site visits to check the equipments' status can be costly and time consuming. Enter ComBrio, which offers an MSP platform that supports all types of IP-enabled devices.

Heyer's new Advanced Remote Management Services (ARMS) provides customers with proactive remote monitoring and maintenance of Heyer equipment -- while complying with network security and regulatory practices, according to a release from Heyer and ComBrio.

Heyer ARMS leverages the ComBrio Virtual Service Infrastructure (VSI), a virtual, secure IP infrastructure used for the continuous transport of real-time remote device monitoring data and on-demand access for remote device management.

Clearly, this isn't your average mom-and-pop MSP platform -- proving, once again, that managed services are pushing far beyond the traditional IT channel.


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