Managed Services for Healthcare: Insigma Assists Qualedix

Insigma US, an IT service provider, has partnered with Qualedix, Inc. to provide the healthcare testing organization with a managed services solution that addresses the challenges with ICD-10 testing. Here's the update.

"We are not selling licenses [for testing solutions],"according to Qualedix CEO Mike Lott.  "We're selling [testing solutions] as a managed service. Because healthcare is so complex, it's much better to do it this way. The knowledge is not all in one place."

Lott is a Certified Professional in Health Information Technology (CPHIT). It's a designation only given to those who have demonstrated a high level of competence in an increasingly competitive environment. And he's confident that partnering with Insigma is the best way to go. "Insigma is a billion-dollar company," he said. "They'll provide the scalability we need."

Qualedix's testing solution is completely based in the Amazon cloud and is currently being used by about 75 healthcare providers in the United States.

Lott thinks the scalability Insigma is going to provide will significantly raise its clientele. Qualedix provides different patient testing scenarios and what it will cost the healthcare provider. That doesn't change from client to client. "There is nothing unique about the human condition," Lott explained. "You can do in Washington what you can do in Florida. We replicate every test scenario and deliver the data as you want it. We don't sell tools. We sell success."

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