Managed Services Competition Goes Global

Managed Services Competition Goes Global

GlobalThere's nothing like healthy competition to keep a market growing globally. In recent days, managed service platform providers have been busy leapfrogging each other with new announcements about their international efforts and milestones.

Here's a sampling of the blow-by-blow involving Kaseya, Level Platforms and N-able.

The one-upsmanship began a week ago, when N-able announced its new office in Sydney, Australia. Then, Level Platforms announced that it's offering its MSP platform through a SaaS (software as a service) business model in Europe.

Now, Kaseya is reminding customers that the company has successfully served the Australia market for a year.

US companies aren't the only MSP players going global. Vembu, based in India, has successfully promoted its managed storage solution to several hundred MSPs.

Clearly, the MSP industry's top players are going global. Those efforts could help some MSP platform providers to launch initial public offerings down the road.

In order to keep pace, tier two platform providers will need to open their own international offices, or partner, or strengthen relations with global distributors.

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