Managed Services: 7 Blogs MSPmentor Didn't Write, Oct. 12

Managed Services: 7 Blogs MSPmentor Didn't Write, Oct. 12

The MSPmentor team is gearing up for an IBM cloud gathering as well as CloudForce in New York next week. But before we hit the road yet again, here are seven managed services blogs and MSP news stories for the week ending Oct. 12, 2012.

7. Partnership has its Privileges: Datto has launched a new Partner Alliance Program, which is designed to help partners grow their sales volumes and reward them for their commitment to Datto. The tiered benefit structure is not new to the channel, the company concedes. But Datto says it has developed a unique "point system" to determine partner tiers and added in some very valuable benefits for those invested in the program (i.e. dedicated VIP support number, free shipping, and more).

6. Remote Control for Apple iOS: Yes, MSPs can remotely manage iPads and tablets. But Apperian has gone the extra mile with Remote Control for iOS devices. The software allows IT departments to remotely view and interact with employee's iOS devices as if the device was directly in front of them, Appearian Claims.

5. Almost Ready: SolarWinds has launched a release candidate for Network Performance Monitor (NPM) v10.4. The upgrade now features an audit trail and monitoring capabilities for more vendor hardware.

4. Another MSP Merger: The IT Company and RTL Technologies have combined their Knoxville-based businesses, according to IT Company CEO Paul Sponcia. We've also got tips on two other M&A deals to track down. Stay tuned.

3. MSPmentor 100: The sixth-annual MSPmentor 100 survey, identifying the world's top 100 MSPs, will launch Monday, Oct. 15. I'm figuring on an evening launch for our night owl readers.

2. Great Coffee and Conversation: I spent this morning at a coffee shop with a mystery guest. Smart person. She or he could be a key piece in the puzzle for Nine Lives Media (parent of MSPmentor, The VAR Guy and Talkin' Cloud) in 2013. We're fighting the Innovator's Dilemma -- trying to drive innovation while we maintain the best of what we have. We've got a heck of a plan for 2013. You'll still recognize us. But we'll be dressed pretty sharply with a bigger entourage...

2a: Some Bonus Stuff: While it's still on my mind...

  • Zenith Infotech's TigerCloud private cloud platform now has a rent-to-own pricing structure called TruHAAS. By eliminating large upfront hardware expenditures, Zenith claims it has eliminated the most significant barrier to SMB private cloud adoption. But will MSPs sign on? We're watching.
  • Keep an eye on CA's Nimsoft team -- particularly in Europe and Asia. Some really, really big deals -- involving $100 million+ MSPs -- are brewing.
  • Some really, really big surprises coming during the DellWorld conference in December. If I was an MSP or VAR, I'd keep a close watch on Dell Boomi.
1. Watch This Closely: Work Market and Trend Micro are now integrated with ConnectWise.  Reliable Group, a global IT management firm, oversaw the Work Market integration. This is a really, really big deal. Most MSPs already know about ConnectWise and Trend Micro. But I gotta tell you: I recently visited Work Market's offices and they are in extreme growth mode. I'll explain why -- and the implications for VARs and MSPs -- in a few days.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading MSPmentor.
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