Managed Services: 7 Blogs MSPmentor Didn't Write, Jan. 27

Managed Services: 7 Blogs MSPmentor Didn't Write, Jan. 27

I'm packing my bags and heading to the CA Technologies MSP Symposium in a couple of days (Jan. 29-31, Miami, Fla). But before I head for the blogging exit, here are seven managed services blogs and MSP news stories the MSPmentor team didn’t have a chance to write for the week ending January 27, 2012.

7. Congrats, Rob Leon: The grapevine former Spam Soap insider Rob Leon is joining KnowledgeCentrix, effective January 30. Leon spent considerable time educating me about the inner workings of MSPs just as MSPmentor was getting off the ground.

6. Coming Soon: I think it's a safe to say Continuum (formerly Zenith RMM) is really close to launching Continuum Vault, a BDR solution co-developed with Datto, the storage company. Datto referred launch timing questions over to Continuum. And now I'm playing email-tag with the Continuum team to pinpoint the potential launch day...

5. Speaking of Datto: I spoke with CEO Austin McChord a week ago. I got a little distracted this week writing the MSPmentor 100 report (see item 1 below) but I still have some intriguing notes from the McChord conversation. Hopefully, I'll work it into a blog the week of Jan. 30.

4. Another PSA Player?: Promys claims to be a PSA (professional services automation) player that delivers what Autotask and VARStreet failed to be: A single solution to handle professional services and IT equipment. (Autotask continues strong in the PSA market, but sold off VARStreet to VARStreet's employees in late December 2011.) Promys serves larger IT shops (typically 40+ employees) that work on larger IT engagements, according to Director of Business Development Jim Barnet. I'm poking around for more details.

3. The Man Down Under: Annitel's Tim Brewer -- one of the top MSP leaders in Australia -- seems to have a plan to take on one of his nation's largest telecom providers. Annitel's managed services strategy apparently involves voice -- at least over the long haul. How's that? More thoughts soon...

2. Really?: Private equity firm threatened to walk out on an MSP relationship because three customer contract signatures seemed to be forged. The alleged discrepancy surfaced during an annual audit of the MSP. If anyone wants to go on the record, I'm listening. In the meantime file this under "loud rumor."

1. MSPmentor 100 Details: The fifth-annual MSPmentor 100 report is coming February 15. Plus, we've got some bonus materials for you this year. The entire report is now written and being fact-checked. It includes:

  • The MSPmentor 100, Global Edition
  • The MSPmentor 200, North America Edition
  • The MSPmentor 50, EMEA Edition for Europe, Middle East and Africa
  • The MSPmentor 25, AANZ Edition for Asia, Australia, New Zealand
  • Plus: We'll look at up-and-coming MSPs in Central and South America
  • And special honors to MSPs that made the most hires in 2011
We hope you enjoy the data and analysis when the fifth-annual MSPmentor report surfaces Feb. 15, 2012.

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