Managed IT Services News: 7 Blogs We Didn't Write, Sept. 16

Managed IT Services News: 7 Blogs We Didn't Write, Sept. 16

I had a long conversation with Autotask CEO Mark Cattini and Senior VP Kevin Donovan earlier today. I'll try to organize some thoughts for a blog later today. In the meantime, here are seven pieces of managed IT services news and chatter that MSPmentor didn't have time to write for the week ending Sept. 16, 2011.

7. Evolution and Growth: Here's a teaser involving that Cattini conversation. He gave me a few stats about the company's year-to-date customer acquisitions vs. 2010 (January through August). Plus, we discussed the Autotask executive team's engagement with community quite a bit... more details later today. Updated Sept. 16, 2011, 6:50 p.m. eastern: Interview and perspectives from Cattini and Donovan now posted.

6. Inside OS33: I spent Thursday afternoon at OS33's headquarters in Brooklyn. The company promotes IT as a Service to MSPs. A front-end WebTop allows end-customers to run Office and other applications in the cloud. A back-end administration system allows MSPs to provision and manage applications for those end-customers. In short, I think OS33 is seeking MSPs that want to promote managed application services. Lots more details to follow when I have time to organize more thoughts.

5. Distributors and the Cloud: Lots of news coming. That's all I have to say about that. For now.

4. The Big Idea: What if big technology companies -- hardware and software providers -- finally helped MSPs and VARs to develop recurring revenue models, the way PSA (professional services automation) and RMM (remote monitoring and management) software companies have done so for nearly a decade? Answers really soon.

3. Talent Pool: Lenovo has hired former Acer CEO Gianfranco Lanci as a consultant. Not really managed services news. But definitely interesting considering all the turmoil in the PC market right now.

2. Look Beyond the Obvious: Zacks Equity Research issued a statement today indicating that "Apple Leads the Tablet Market." Talk about stating the obvious. But take a minute to look at Zacks' research and you'll find some interesting iPad statistics, which could convince more MSPs to include tablets in their mobile device management strategies.

1.Here They Come: Anybody else excited -- but perhaps a little overwhelmed -- by all of the MSP and channel-centric conferences that are approaching in November and December 2011? Crazy but innovative times.

Thanks for reading and for engaging in conversations across MSPmentor.


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