LogLogic Unveils Cloud Services for Partners

Security and log management company LogLogic has unveiled its cloud services business model for its partner base. And to spearhead the new program, LogLogic now has a VP of business development in the form of Nadir Gulzar. Here’s the scoop.

We’ve discussed LogLogic’s technology and value proposition for VARS here. The basic idea is that their system log management solution keeps track of everything that happens on connected devices, allowing VARs and MSPs to find and fix problems as they happen. In theory, this approach bolsters security efforts and helps organizations meet strict compliance standards.

And now, with this announcement, LogLogic is delivering their scalable, multi-tenant so-called “Open Log Management” platform through its cloud service provider partners, according to the press release. The company claims the move extends LogLogic's visibility into cloud infrastructure, enabling administrators to keep a closer eye on platforms that many still don’t fully trust.

This is part of a growing trend. Companies like Level Platforms and Nimsoft (recently acquired by CA Technologies) also promote platforms that allow MSPs to monitor on-premises and cloud applications.

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