LogicMonitor Hires Executives for Rapid SaaS Monitoring Growth

LogicMonitor Hires Executives for Rapid SaaS Monitoring Growth

LogicMonitor, which offers a SaaS-based IT monitoring platform, is in rapid growth mode. The company, which could emerge as a next-generation remote monitoring leader for MSPs, has hired three key executives to help drive growth in 2013. The expanded executive team includes leadership that previously worked for Intel, CareerBuilder and Atlassian. So what exactly is CEO Kevin McGibben (pictured) attempting to build here? MSPmentor offers some clues.

During IT Nation 2012 in November, McGibben shared some impressive growth figures. Let's just say year-over-year quarterly revenues are skyrocketing. Aiming to pour more fuel on the fire, LogicMonitor has hired:

  • Senior Vice President of Sales Randy Potts;
  • Vice President of Marketing and Customer Development Joshua Wold; and
  • Vice President of Finance and Corporate Development Ed Shaughnessy.
In a prepared statement, McGibben said he's striving to "disrupt" the monitoring market, and Shaughnessy promised the company would disrupt "old-school IT."

How so? McGibben offered some clues in this Talkin' Cloud interview from June 2012. The company is a NetApp, VMware, Dell, HP, and Citrix technology partner. Key MSP adopters include DataVox and Zumasys.

At the time, McGibben said LogicMonitor has four unique capabilities:
  1. With LogicMonitor, you can consolidate all the monitoring data (and alerting) from all the layers on all your systems (physical, virtual and cloud) in one tool, in a single pane of glass.
  2. Consolidated monitoring gives MSPs the ability to monitor across all infrastructure, which makes it easy to trace and pinpoint performance issues no matter what layer they occur on. With disparate monitoring systems, cross-correlating metrics to ferret out the root cause can be very time consuming and require multiple engineers.
  3. For cloud providers, LogicMonitor makes their engineers faster and smarter. An entry-level engineer can essentially perform monitoring and troubleshooting tasks normally associated with mid-level or even senior engineers.  So cloud providers essentially get an increase in their staff’s skill-level and output, without the increase in pay grade.
  4. As a SaaS-based solution, if there’s an outage or issue with your infrastructure, your monitoring stays up, is instantly available as your infrastructure comes back up, and can give you historical monitoring data on the spot that may help pinpoint the root cause of the outage.
Those are some lofty claims. And I must concede: I don't know if LogicMonitor is profitable. But I do know the company's installed base and revenue stream are in hyper growth mode.
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