LogicMonitor Adds New MaaS Features for MSPs

LogicMonitor, the network, hosting and cloud monitoring software provider, has added new features to its Monitoring-as-a-Service (MaaS) solution for managed service providers. The move falls in line with what LogicMonitor CEO Kevin McGibben told me just one week ago about the company expanding its monitoring offering into Asia and further into Europe. A major part of LogicMonitor's plan, according to McGibben, is to add more MSP customers. Here are more details on LogicMonitor's first move as part of its regional expansion push.

LogicMonitor is calling its new monitoring solution release a "disruptive InTelligence" solution. It's aimed at helping businesses avoid network outages and pull more critical and actionable data from their infrastructures. Here's a quick rundown of the three main new features that LogicMonitor has added:

  1. Geographic Host Mapping lets users find a given host and then launch its Google map location from the LogicMonitor portal. The solution is aimed at companies managing devices in multiple locations and MSPs that maintain equipment at multiple locations.
  2. Built-in support for Juniper Routers, Extreme Routers, Fortinet firewalls, Redis and Zookeeper databases. The new support will help LogicMonitor expand the number of technology products that it offers automated reporting for.
  3. External website monitoring that lets users monitor their web performance from multiple locations. This new feature is still in beta mode and includes synthetic monitoring, meaning IT admins have the freedom to define the steps they want to monitor. And if all of those pre-defined steps are not completed, LogicMonitor will automatically send an email or SMS alert the user.
"Our customers are not only using LogicMonitor to proactively monitor technology infrastructure performance -- but to measure and monitor the operational performance of their business," McGibben said in a prepared statement. "We're providing Operations, Development teams, and business executives with intelligence to make smarter decisions about their applications, their customers, and the core of their business."

LogicMonitor plans to roll out the new upgrades to its current customers in about six weeks.
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