Leveraging Intel 'Personal Cloud' for SMB Storage, Security

Leveraging Intel 'Personal Cloud' for SMB Storage, Security

Intel is releasing what it calls a “next generation” Atom processor-based storage solution that it says allows small businesses to protect their vital digital data. The solution’s “personal cloud” capabilities offer the promise of helping SMBs keep up with rapidly escalating volume of files, documents and other data that may overload their existing storage systems, in a secure manner.

The new Intel solution, which runs on either an Atom processor D2550 or D2500, provides what Intel refers to as a “personal cloud.” This means the system gives employees secure access to files either at the corporate office or from a remote personal device. Thus it effectively meets the need SMBs have for onsite data access and also lets them extend their enterprise with cloud capabilities. The solution also supports multiple file transfer protocols so companies can share data and content regardless of the operating system.

Intel is also creating an ecosystem for its personal cloud application. Vendors including Asustor, QNAP, and Thecus are launching third-party storage solutions that run on the platform, and companies including Mpstor and Dane-Elec have developed an optimized storage stack for SMB customers.

Following in Intel’s Footsteps

There are several reasons MSPs should consider offering managed services based on the new Intel Atom processor solution. First, a major, well-known IT vendor is offering an application aimed directly at SMBs. The market will surely take notice and providing a service based on a brand with Intel’s name recognition and reputation will ease the sales process and also give MSPs instant credibility.

Second, the solution sounds like it offers SMBs some genuine advantages. They get to obtain the benefits of cloud computing but also can keep the convenience of having technology on premises rather than located someplace far away or in cyberspace. Many SMBs still will not have the time, money or expertise to implement, integrate, operate and maintain this device, which leaves a great opportunity for MSPs to step in and handle the day-to-day drudgery that delivers the functionality SMBs need and want.

Finally, the existence of a premade ecosystem enhances the value of the Intel solution even further. MSPs can mix and match third-party add-ons depending on individual client needs, and also take a cue and develop their own individually tailored plug-in devices. Sometimes MSPs risk getting overshadowed when they get involved with major IT players, but in this case it would be more about following in the footsteps of a giant.
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