Level Platforms: Managed Workplace 2012 Will Fuel Growth

Level Platforms hopes to ride a new managed services software release to more growth, according to Level Platforms VP of Partner Development and Marketing Dan Wensley. The remote monitoring and management (RMM) provider recently announced that it is adding mobile device management  (MDM) software to Managed Workplace 2012, the newest version of its signature RMM platform. Now the company is on its annual Level Platforms Global Roadshow. And when the tour stopped in Seattle, Wash., Wensley told an audience why 2012 will be a record year for Level Platforms.

Channel Partners

Wensley city a CompTIA study to explain why Level Platforms' channel partners will play a huge role in 2012. According to CompTIA, the Computing Technology Industry Association, only four in 10 channel partners today have a managed services solution offering. According to Wensley, even that estimate may be a bit overly optimistic.

"It might 25 percent at best," Wensley said. So part of Level Platforms' plan is to focus on selling Managed Workplace 2012 through the channel this year in order to expand its reach to end-users and show channel partners how much value an RMM and MDM solution can add to their businesses.

Growth Figures

Level Platforms has plenty of examples to choose from in terms of showing channel partners the value they can add. Right now, the company is pointing to a study by Corelytics, a predictive analytics software provider. Corelytics' recent study showed sales growth for channel providers offering RMM solutions ranging from 19.9 percent to  28.1 percent in the last year.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

And it's no coincidence that Level Platforms added a mobile device management (MDM) solution to Managed Workplace 2012. MDM is predicted to be one of the fastest growing solutions in the enterprise and SMB sectors in 2012 and beyond. The new MDM feature will only make Level Platforms overall offering more attractive to its channel partners.

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