LANDesk: New Owner, Stronger Managed Services Strategy?

LANDesk: New Owner, Stronger Managed Services Strategy?

When LANDesk Software unveiled a global alliance with Wipro Technologies this week, it got me thinking: Is LANDesk, which has a new owner, poised to work more closely with MSPs in the managed services market in 2011? To be honest, we don't hear much about LANDesk from small MSPs. But the LANDesk-Wipro Technologies relationship seems to signal a core commitment to larger MSP-type engagements. Here's why.

First, the background -- and some irony. LANDesk has been in growth mode. But the company also spent much of 2010 sitting on the seller's block, clouded in some ways by ownership uncertainty. In April 2010, MSPmentor openly wondered if LANDesk had missed the managed services boat amid the company's pending sale. But by August 2010, LANDesk finally had a new owner, and LANDesk insiders were working hard to communicate the company's continued momentum.

The key takeaway: LANDesk said it has been growing at a compound annual growth rate of 20 percent since 2002. That's pretty darn impressive.

Now comes word that LANDesk is partnering with Wipro Technologies, a global consulting, system integration and outsourcing specialist. Leveraging LANDesk software, Wipro plans to manage customer desktops, mobile devices, additional IT assets and endpoint security. LANDesk apparently fits into Wirpo's broader managed services brand, called Deskside Managed Services (DMS). According to Wipro:

"Wipro DMS is a lifecycle approach to managing laptops, desktops, multi-functional devices, printers and other deskside devices including non-IT devices, spread across the globe. Wipro is also looking to work closely with LANDesk on future initiatives...

This alliance strengthens Wipro’s MSP offerings and will allow LANDesk to leverage Wipro’s vast global technical pool of resources to provide new managed services to large enterprise organizations. This partnership is expected to address a gamut of services including desktop management, asset management and security management."
I realize those two paragraphs above are filled with marketing promises. But LANDesk and WiPro deserve credit for focusing their messaging so clearly on managed services opportunities. I suspect LANDesk remains too complex a solution for very small MSPs, but it sounds like LANDesk is making a concerted effort to partner up with enterprise-centric MSPs.

We'll be watching closely to see how that strategy plays out in 2011. We'll also be watching to see if LANDesk works more closely with SonicWall. After all, LANDesk and SonicWall both are now owned by Thoma Bravo, a private equity firm.

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