LabTech Automation Nation: Five Questions Worth Asking

LabTech Automation Nation: Five Questions Worth Asking

When LabTech Software's Automation Nation conference kicks off next week (June 11-13, Orlando), the MSPmentor team will be on hand to get a feel for the new managed services event. Yes, Automation Nation will offer plenty of technical training for managed services providers. But the event also offers an inflection point for LabTech and CEO Matt Nachtrab. Here are five questions worth asking at the conference.

1. LabTech 2012: How is the new software platform working out? Launched earlier this year, LabTech 2012 promised an enhanced out-of-box experience, a graphical user interface that simplified scripting, plus new capabilities in mobile device management (MDM) and managed print services. We'll check to see how early MSP deployments have been performing.

2. LabTech Cloud Edition: LabTech started out as an on-premises RMM (remote monitoring and management) platform. But the company now has a cloud edition, and I'm wondering how early adoption has been going.

3. Partner Integrations: LabTech integrates with numerous MSP-oriented software platforms and cloud services. In addition to integrations with sister companies Quosal and ConnectWise, where is LabTech seeing the most momentum with its integrations? And where might LabTech integrate next?

4. The New Deal: LabTech earlier this week became the latest RMM platform available through Ingram Micro Cloud, a cloud aggregator platform for VARs and MSPs. (Level Platforms, N-able and Nimsoft also have Ingram relationships.) Does LabTech have other distribution deals brewing? Why or why not?

5. New Office, Expanding Team?: LabTech and ConnectWise recently moved to a new headquarters near Tampa airport. Overall, where does LabTech's headcount stand, is the company seeking to make more hires, and overall how effectively is the company scaling itself?

Bonus: How is LabTech expanding and evolving across international markets -- particularly Europe and Australia?

Side note: Will you be at Automation Nation? Care to meet? Feel free to post a comment or send me email, joe [at] NineLivesMediaInc [dot] com.

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