Kaseya Software Modules: Legos That Snap Together for MSPs?

Kaseya Software Modules: Legos That Snap Together for MSPs?

Kaseya Company LogoKaseya continues to launch more software modules for its IT automation platform. In recent weeks MSPmentor has tracked everything from Kaseya's Software Deployment and Update Module to the Imaging and Deployment Module and a Mobile Device Management solution. Now, Kaseya is trying to put all the announcements in context, asserting that the modules and software updates were designed to work with one another -- giving MSPs a single pane of glass to manage customer networks.

Admittedly, many MSP software providers have "single pane of glass" strategies. And most major MSP software providers have APIs that allow multi-vendor modules to plug into a central management system. Kaseya's strategy hinges on the K2 platform, which was released in 2010 but seemed to gain module momentum in 2011.

Kaseya Senior Manager of Product Marketing Jeff Keyes and Director of Product Marketing Gerald Beaulieu shared some perspectives with MSPmentor. They started with an overview of the imaging module, then shared some clues about how imaging, software deployment and mobile device management are intertwined with one another.

"Imaging saves, on average, about 65 percent of your time," Keyes said when comparing an imaging solution to a standard deployment solutions. A license for Kaseya's Imaging and Deployment Module costs $1,000 per module and $20 per seat. "If you're trying to configure 500 machines, you'll see a full ROI (Return on Investment) in less than a year with Kaseya's Imaging system," Keyes asserted.

Kaseya' Imaging and Deployment Module works by creating a repository on a subnet and capturing images. Then the Module deploys those images on-demand, according to a previously set schedule or whenever a new computer shows up on a subnet. Both Keyes and Beaulieu noted that the solution minimizes storage, network impact and deployment time, in addition to a delivering that ROI.

"Image deployment and software deployment really go hand-in-hand," Beaulieu said. "We've been using our scripting engine to script out procedures and then push it out to a set of machines. The problem is that it doesn't always scale. Software deployment and update is a solvent for that."

Next up for Kaseya: If you recall, Kaseya announced a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution in August, 2011. Keyes said the plan is to extend the Software Deployment and Update Module and the Imaging and Deployment Module to mobile devices.  "We want to offer everything through that single pane of glass," Beaulieu said. "Then we'll let our clients decide what to deploy."

Do all the modules work as advertised? And are MSPs extending beyond the base Kaseya K2 platform to embrace the modules? We're checking around for more perspectives.

Additional insights from Joe Panettieri.


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