IT Security Specialist BeyondTrust Buys Blackbird Group

Looking to further its vision to simplify IT security operations management BeyondTrust has announced the acquisition of Blackbird Group, a Windows system management vendor. BeyondTrust seeks to leverage the Blackbird product line to push additional context and awareness around Microsoft Active Directory (AD), technology that provides a variety of network services and infrastructure components. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

BeyondTrust believes that the acquisition will aid in the company's efforts in simplifying operational management and help its mission to protect against both internal and external threats. BeyondTrust Executive Vice President of Product Engineering Brad Hibbert added some details about how the addition would help.

"They do this by providing more context by way of auditing and reporting around Active Directory and infrastructure components," stated Hibbert. "As an example real-time auditing events from privileged and normal users will be consolidated and fed into our risk analytics warehouse. Understanding where people have access and what they are doing with that access is a critical component to demonstrating compliance and tightening internal security controls."

What makes BeyondTrust's PowerBroker vital in this acquisition? According to BeyondTrust, when PowerBroker is combined with Blackbird Group solutions, it unlocks the value of Active Directory as an authoritative identity store, helping organizations better protect identity investments with real-time auditing, recovery, and protection.

BeyondTrust plans on supporting customer investments in Active Directory. "We see many of our customers deploying Powerbroker Identity Services and other Powerbroker solutions that rely on, and unlock the value of Active Directory as an authoritative Identity Store -- providing access to both on-premise and cloud based applications," said Hibbert. "It is only natural that BeyondTrust wants to help organizations better protect these identity investments with real-time auditing, recovery, and protection with these best of breed management and compliance solutions."

The acquisition assists managed services providers (MSPs) by helping them understand where people have access and what they are doing with that access. MSPmentor's sister site, The VAR Guy, is also talking about the ramifications of this acquisition. Take a look at what they are saying here.

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