IT Managers Face Growing Security Threats

IT Managers Face Growing Security Threats

If you're an IT manager at your company, what are your responsibilities? Have your duties changed over the past few years? Do you find yourself dealing with issues that other IT managers do not? With the increase of smart mobile devices and remote connection tools, IT managers must constantly develop new strategies to adapt to new IT environments. According to a recent LANDesk Software survey, IT professionals are still finding management and security problems in the workplace from mobile devices.

LANDesk surveyed around 200 IT managers and administrators in medium-to-large size enterprise organizations regarding how they are adapting to the rapidly evolving new mobile workforce. Of those surveyed, 96 percent reported that end users in their organizations are now using two or more computing devices in the workplace. With a statistic like that, one may assume that those surveyed would be managing a variety of devices, correct?

Despite what many may think, only 75 percent reported that they are actually managing two or more devices per user, which shows the disconnect between the speed of users adopting new devices and IT managers managing those devices.

The survey also revealed:

  • 44 percent of those surveyed said at least part of their workforce works remotely
  • 54 percent of those surveyed reported that they do not currently have a security strategy for mobile devices in place
  • 37 percent of those surveyed reported that they deal with more than 10 malware incidents a month
What say YOU?: Do any of the findings surprise you? If so, which ones and why? As an IT manager, how do you adapt to constant changing IT environments?
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