ISI Snapshot: IT Inventory Management Software for MSPs

Infrastructure Solutions Inc. (ISI), which develops  IT inventory software, has added new capabilities to its signature Snapshot platform. Snapshot now includes Automatic Inventory Change Detection capabilities to help managed services providers (MSPs) track and maintain customers' IT infrastructure.

ISI claims Snapshot can find and report on all IT infrastructure hardware, network software and any application and configuration changes that MSPs have implemented across physical, virtual and cloud IT platforms.

ISI's wants to help MSPs managed changes to a customer's IT environment more quickly and more accurately. ISI's Snapshot software already includes agent-less discovery; gives MSPs the flexibility to work on physical, virtual and cloud-based IT infrastructures; supports several hypervisors; supports an unlimited number of devices; and can scan more than 500 devices per hour.

It will be interesting to track ISI's efforts to engage MSPs.


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