iPass Open Mobile Client Updates Enhance WiFi Features

iPass Inc. (NASDAQ: IPAS) has announced a new version of its iPass Open Mobile for iOS -- a WiFi client for iOS devices. Major enhancements in the most recent version of the iPass Open Mobile client include automatic background authentication, enhanced network labeling and pop-up notification of iPass network availability. Here are the details.

iPass Open Mobile enables organizations to provide mobile employees with connectivity to commercial WiFi networks of more than one million hotspots including in-flight Internet, hotels, airports and business venues around the world. The following features are the app's most recent updates:

  • Automatic background authentication -- After a WiFi connection has been established by the iOS WiFi connection manager, the iPass Network authentication will perform automatically in the background. This new feature eliminates the need for users to interact with the native iOS WiFi connection manager manually.
  • Enhanced network labeling -- With this new feature, users are allowed to make an informed decision on which SSID to connect to. According to the company, users will less likely confuse iPass, SSID, and open broacast SSID.
  • Pop-up notification of iPass network availability -- (My favorite new update.) This new feature automatically sends a pop-up, alerting Open Mobile users to iPass networks available in a location. Users can take advantage of these hotspots, instead of paying for a 3G or 4G data connection.
"The iPass Open Mobile client v3.0 for iOS represents a tremendous leap forward for Open Mobile users. It ensures a superior user connectivity experience that's more simplified and automated than previous versions of the Open Mobile iOS app," said iPass CTO Barbara Nelson.
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