intiGrow Offers Hardware-Based Mobile Security

intiGrow Offers Hardware-Based Mobile Security

Sometimes plain old security measures just aren't enough. Enter IT consulting firm intiGrow, which has announced a partnership with KoolSpan Inc., a provider of encrypted solutions for connected devices through its TrustChip and software solution. The result is a hardware-based security solution which encompasses mobile device management (MDM).

The solution's foundation, the FIPS 140-2 TrustChip, is a self-contained crypto engine inserted into the smartphone or tablet microSD slot. This chip serves as the basis for all KoolSpan applications. TrustChip can be bound to a single device, or it can be moved to other devices to transfer security from phone to phone.

initiGrow’s security solution will include KoolSpan’s TrustSuite of products, mobile device management solutions, and access management technology to provide security through layered protection. The solution gives IT administrators complete control over all business applications for mobile devices. To protect company or personal data, intiGrow’s solution offering will encrypt voice and text, and enable organizations to remotely destroy sensitive data, control device configuration and apps, and configure access as needed. Unlike other security solutions for mobile devices, the solution does not require users to stay logged into a server, which will prevent the battery from being drained.

To learn more about intiGrow's partner program, visit the company's website.

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