Intel vPro: Critical Mass with Managed Services Providers?

Intel vPro: Critical Mass with Managed Services Providers?

Backed by continued Intel vPro marketing, a growing number of managed services providers (MSPs) are standardizing their customer environments on vPro technology. And MSP software vendors are responding accordingly. The two latest examples involve Kaseya and Bomgar, respectively, introducing new Intel vPro integrations. Here are the details.

Kaseya, which makes IT automation and systems management software, says its new Kaseya Desktop Policy Management (KDPM 3.5) release is fully integrated with Intel vPro. Likewise, the new Bomgar 12.1 release deeply supports vPro. Meanwhile, most of the major RMM (remote monitoring and management) software providers offer vPro integration.

Kaseya and Intel vPro

Integration with Intel vPro and Intel AMT means Kaseya's MSP partners can:
  • Boot to BIOS – rebooting the Windows client into BIOS mode and remotely editing the BIOS
  • Boot to ISO – reboot the Windows client and connect to an ISO image to boot the machine
  • Connect to unresponsive Windows client – start a remote console session to diagnosis a machine even if the operating system (OS) has frozen or hung
Just to reiterate, most of the major RMM players also offer vPro integration. And many MSPs have publicly embraced vPro as a way to remotely manage customer systems (even if a customer isn't present) and to reduce monthly PC power costs. Key examples include Alvarez Technology Group, masterIT and Speros.

Additional insights from Joe Panettieri.

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