IBM Focuses On Cloud Service Providers

IBM Focuses On Cloud Service Providers

When it comes to the cloud IBM is getting aggressive. They've launched a new cloud services platform to help communication service providers get an edge on public cloud services. Read on for the scoop...

Fast and fresh services to providers is IBM's goal, along with helping those providers cost-effectively launch and manage those new cloud services.

So enter the IBM Cloud Service Provider Platform, which is an all-in-one package of hardware, software and services rolled into one deployable solution. It even comes complete with security and management features.

The idea is to take a communication service provider to the next level as quickly as possible, and since it provides new services right away, it has the ability to provide new sources of revenue, potentially providing a quick ROI. The whole cloud platform is built on IBM's existing Service Delivery Manager platform. IBM hopes the backbone will lower costs and prevent traditional risks with building a cloud-based service infrastructure.

IBM hasn't forgot about their partners, either. In fact, Big Blue is launching new support and partner benefits to help sell and deploy the new services. The benefits are planned for a full roll out early 2011.

But who's on board with IBM? The press release cites Broadsoft, Corent Technology, deCarta, Jamcracker, Juniper Networks, NetApp, Openet, RightScale and Wavemaker as current supporters.

You can get your hands on the IBM Cloud Service Provider Platform today, and it's available worldwide.

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