Hurricane Sandy vs Cloud Backup, Disaster Recovery (BDR) MSPs

Hurricane Sandy vs Cloud Backup, Disaster Recovery (BDR) MSPs

As Hurricane Sandy moves toward the United States and potentially heads up the East Coast, managed services providers (MSPs) are busy checking in with customers who have disaster recovery plans in place. Among the key technologies worth watching: Cloud-based backup and disaster recovery (BDR) services often tied to on-premises storage appliances, which allow MSPs to safely move customers' data off-site for protection and recovery.

Most of the major BDR vendors working with MSPs have NOCs (Network Operation Centers). Those NOCs are like war rooms that closely track how data is moving from on-premise networks into the cloud. As hurricanes and other types of storms move from one geography to the next, the NOCs typically see traffic spikes or "hot spots" ahead of the storm, as MSPs race to finalize any off-site data backups ahead of the storm path.

MSPmentor is in touch with most of the major BDR prodivers working with MSPs, and will be updating our coverage regularly if Hurricane Sandy triggers any data protection and BDR trends worth watching.

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