HP's Next Big Managed Services Opportunity Starts Now

HP's Next Big Managed Services Opportunity Starts Now

Imagine a world where Hewlett-Packard (NYSE: HPQ) helps managed services providers (MSPs) to maintain entire hardware infrastructures -- mobile devices, PCs, printers, servers and network infrastructure. That's the opportunity awaiting both Mike Parrottino and Scott Dunsire, two executives who are shifting into key channel leadership roles within HP. Here's what could be next.

First, a confession. I'm often amazed that HP failed to dominate the managed services market. The old OpenView platform should have given HP an early look at how managed services would grow and evolve. And more recently, HP relationships with Level Platforms and other MSP software providers should have helped HP to become a de facto standard for many MSPs managing customer networks.

There have been some promising signs of progress. The HP-Axcient relationship, for instance, has helped scores of HP VARs to generate recurring revenues from cloud storage and disaster recovery. That relationship, built by HP VP Meaghan Kelly, is just one example of how HP could be marrying its hardware with cloud services and managed services.

HP, after all, has a lot of hardware. And a recent HP reorganization put much of that hardware -- PCs and printers -- under a single roof called HP Printing & Personal Systems (HP PPS).

Parrottino is channel chief for the new HP PPS organization. Dunsire now leads HP’s U.S. SMB/Channel sales. Together, they have an opportunity to define how HP will promote MSP-enabled hardware to end customers.

SMB Expert Meaghan Kelly helped HP to kick in the door and find some footing in the MSP market. Now, it's time for Parrottino and Dunsire to run through that door with some well-conceived offerings for MSPs.



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