HP Study Explores Information Management Trends

HP Study Explores Information Management Trends

How are enterprises evolving their information management strategies? A recent Coleman Parkes Research study, organized by Hewlett-Packard, may offer some answers. The study included over 500 interviews with top-level business and technology executives from enterprise companies around the world. Each company has at least 1,000 employees. Among the most striking results? Roughly 60 percent of the executives surveyed recognized the need for a strategy to analyze data sources in order to efficiently use their enterprise data, but admitted that they currently do not have strategy in place.

That news caught the attention of HP Software VP of Product Marketing and Operations Shane Pearson, whom I spoke with about the new solutions HP is developing to address these enterprise data needs.

"Our customers are seeing a big growth in their number of information sources and are seeing a big change in how people connect to the enterprise," Pearson said. "Many feel like they're not in control because they don't have effective business practices in place."

So Pearson said HP is trying to improve its HP IT Performance Suite in order to help its customers regain control of their enterprise and their sources of information. The company announced five new additions to the HP IT Performance Suite at HP Discover 2011 in Vienna, Austria.

  • IT Performance Suite VP of Ops Edition
  • IT Performance Suite VP of Apps Edition
  • HP Business Service Management 9.1
  • HP IT Executive Scorecard
  • HP Application Lifecycle Intelligence 2.0
According to HP, the new solutions are designed to "provide insight and optimize enterprise performance." It makes sense for HP to invest in its IT Performance Suite, as the company noted strong demand for the suite in announcing its Q4 2011 financial results in November. And the company definitely won't stop here. Pearson said that HP is currently building integrations between several of its operational tools to ease customer information management. It sounds like we can all expect to see a lot more HP development around information management and discovery and dependency mapping in 2012.

You can learn more about HP's recent study and its results here.

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