HEROware Unveils Plan to Help MSPs Increase Sales, Margins

HEROware, a backup and disaster recovery specialist, has announced a new plan to help managed service providers increase their sales and improve their margins. It's called the HERO-Defender+ Stimlus Plan, and it will run until the end of the 2011 calendar year. Here's how it works.

SMBs can simply bring a competitor's invoice to HEROware and HEROware will match the price and give that SMB client free access to the HERO-Defender+ solution for one month.

HEROware's  new initiative will save customers hundreds to thousands of dollars per year by virtue of getting the first month free. The program is open to customers that have newly installed versions of the HERO-Defender Server Replication Stack, the latest version of the company's signature business continuity solution for small and medium sized businesses, or customers who become HEROware Partners and buy the HERO-Defender+ Server Replication Stack. The idea is to encourrage partners to buy the company's new product, which is designed to replace BDR stacks from other vendors that exists on 64-bit hardware. Current HEROware partners using other products are also eligible for the incentive program, though they need to purchase the HERO-Defneder+ Server Replication Stack and install it on their 64-bit BDR hardware.

The HERO-Defender line of security products includes FILE-Cloud, SERVER-Cloud and MAIL-Cloud.


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