Help Wanted: Sales Reps, Engineers for Managed Service Providers

Help Wanted: Sales Reps, Engineers for Managed Service Providers

MSPmentor Job Board ImageNew opportunities surface on the MSPmentor Job Board ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday. So before our U.S. readers shut off their smartphones and desktops for the long weekend, prepare for your feast by sampling the new sales and technical opportunities up for grabs. Then mull over your next career move during your turkey- induced coma.

Here's a taste of the new jobs available on the MSPmentor Job Board.

  • Office Technology Sales Representative in The Netherlands
  • VP and Director of Sales for an MSP in Findlay, Ohio
  • Junior Software Engineer in Bothell, Wash.
  • Level II or Level III Managed Services Engineer in Kittery, Maine
  • Network Administrator and Systems Engineer in Portland, Ore.
All listings on the MSPmentor Job Board are free to our readers and companies looking to promote career opportunities within the managed services and cloud services sectors. Submissions are subject to MSPmentor’s review. Oh yeah, Happy Thanksgiving.
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