Google Dials IT Help Desks: Support Google Chromebooks

Google is seeking to train IT help desks and service desks to support Google Chromebooks -- which are low-cost cloud notebooks that run Chrome OS. Admittedly, Google Chromebooks remain in their infancy. Chromebooks, built by Acer and Samsung, debuted in June 2011 and cost businesses about $30 per user per month. I haven't heard about widespread Chromebook deployments but I'm curious to see if any IT help desk providers start to offer Chromebook support.

In recent weeks, Chromebooks have taken four small steps forward -- including remote access support. Moreover, Google is promoting Chromebook training and prep work for IT help desks. The online training and FAQ information prepares IT help desks and service desks to address most of the major known issues with Chromebooks.

Generally speaking, I don't see a market -- at least not yet -- for MSPs to offer Chromebook help desk support. No doubt, some large businesses, colleges and schools have been rolling out Chromebook pilot programs. But so far, Google has yet to announce an official channel partner program for Chromebooks.

Initial Chromebook sales activity involves, and selling the Acer and Samsung Chromebooks to end-customers. The sales can involve outright Chromebook purchases (one-time fee) or three-year Chromebook payment programs (which essentially combine hardware as a service with software as a service).

If we spot any MSPs adding Chromebook support to their IT service desks, we'll be sure to report it.

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